Our dedicated team of creative producers, operators, and artists have a collective experience that spans decades. We look forward to finding the best combinations of light, color, and texture to make your next visual project seamless, collaborative, and most importantly, memorable.

Eric Reinitz

Work: President
Play: Park hangs with my bulldog Lincoln!

Joe Savatierri

Work: Director of Operations
Play: Spending time in Vermont, my happy place.

Jackie Marco

Work: Senior Production Manager
Play: Baking sweet treats.

Tony Cardinale

Work: Senior Multimedia Producer
Play: Performing as a singer!

Roland Colombo

Work: Senior Production Manager
Play: Skiing, spending time with my kids!

Jessica Albano

Work: Director of Growth
Play: Being in nature, biking, and yoga.

Jim Roggio

Work: Cross Media Specialist
Play: Fishing on the weekends.

Curt Steyer

Work: Cross Media Specialist
Play: Relaxing and playing guitar with family.

Bryan Martinez

Work: Senior CGI Artist
Play: Gaming, art, and chasing around my daughter.

Matthew Lager

Work: CGI Manager/Business Development
Play: Cooking, retro games, espresso.

Tom Stachula

Work: IT/Retouching Artist
Play: Biking, playing tennis, and being outdoors.

Chun Wei

Work: Retouching Artist
Play: Reading

Edward Ganzer

Work: Retouching Artist
Play: Thrift Shop hunting, hanging by the pool.