ReNutriv Diamond

Client: Estee Lauder

Product: ReNutriv Diamond

What was the goal: Convey luxury, transformation and energy

How did Salt approach this project? Estee’s Art Director and Salt digital artists sat together to create a visual that spoke to their message. The jar has an original carved bottom that was used to project out prisms of light. The diamond suggests quality and timelessness, covering Estee’s desire to portray luxury. The concept of energy and transformation was made possible through a beautiful pattern of light. Salt artists performed a mix of CG and retouching to achieve this look.

What was the outcome: A final image that represented luxury, communicated energy, and stayed true to the vision of the art director.

Takeaways from the Salt team: Client/artists relationships are so important. End-to-end communication makes all the difference, as is having a plan that is firm but flexible to leave room for creativity.